About DRCB Consulting

Dr. Boyle is the director of DRCB Consulting and a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA-D). She obtained her doctorate in child and developmental psychology from a leading university for research and training in applied behavior analysis (ABA). Her research has focused on prevention interventions for a variety of populations, most notably, children and families. Her clinical expertise is in the assessment (e.g., FBA) and treatment of intellectual and developmental disabilities in children and adults. She provides a variety of services that are client customized based on behavior analytic science, and informed by empirically validated treatments. 

Dr. B has decades of experience working directly with children and families, and has conducted research and published in the areas of parent training, child maltreatment prevention, and universal parenting. Dr. B's ABA experience is comprehensive and includes consultation for any parent or caregiver in need of assistance with child behavior problems, as well as parents of children diagnosed with autism, developmental disabilities, and behavioral, emotional, or learning disorders. Dr. B also provides second opinions, and additional parent training and consultation for families already receiving direct, in-home intensive ABA consultation.

In addition to clinical work, Dr. B provides Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) consultation services to qualified small businesses, as well as executive coaching.

Dr. B serves on the Editorial Board for the peer-reviewed journal, Child Abuse & Neglect, The International Journal. She is available for editorial consults on thesis, dissertation, and peer-reviewed manuscript submissions, as well as grant reviewer opportunities that fall within her areas of expertise.


The Director of DRCB Consulting obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Kansas where the discipline of applied behavior analysis (ABA) began in the 1960s with Donald Baer, Mont Wolf, Todd Risley, and James Sherman. Her education, training, and practice occurred under mentors, professors, and collaborators that studied directly under B. F. Skinner, that were trained by his peers, or his first degree students. Often the measure of a qualified behavior analysts is with whom they studied and trained. Without a standardized review system, consumers of ABA services may find it helpful to know that the Director trained with the following pioneers:

Phil Hineline

John Lutzker

Paul Touchette

Mitch Taubman

L. Keith Miller, Professor Emeritus

Matt Sanders

Tom Willis

Gary Lavigna


Consumers of ABA services often express frustration that "BCBA" professionals are not implementing ABA treatment techniques. Transparency is critical to establishing trust with clients. Former clients of Dr. B are happy to share information about Dr. B's competencies. Contact DRCB Consulting directly to facilitate such a request.

Families of children diagnosed with autism may find advocacy, financial, and legal resources in your area, here.