Behavior Change

DRCB Consulting offers teleheath or face-to face sessions in locations of your choosing in Los Angeles, CA. Private sessions are tailored to your lifestyle and specific needs. Treatment approaches focus on behavior, with less emphasis on mentalistic causes and attributions (e.g., talk therapy). Session goals are focused on desired behavior change, and are therefore best suited to individuals seeking a non-psychotherapeutic approach.


DRCB Consulting offers coaching sessions for individuals seeking to build or improve professional development skills (e.g., interview preparation, work ethics, workplace adjustment skills, managing workplace politics), and social and interpersonal skills (e.g., body language, relationship skills, conflict resolution, digital interactions). Online telehealth options (e.g., texts, video, & calls) are available to supplement face-to face sessions, or to accommodate clients that live outside Los Angeles, CA. 

Areas of Expertise

Child Safety
Early Career Development
Executive Coaching
Family Therapy
Human Sexual Behavior
Executive Coaching


DRCB Consulting prioritizes client privacy. Being recognized by acquaintances or social media enthusiasts in/outside an office's waiting room, or sharing sensitive information that is stored electronically with providers and/or insurance carriers for private services may have real or perceived negative consequences for one's career, political aspirations, or social standing. Privacy worries may factor into decisions to seek services for everyone; however, some individuals or their circumstances may require extra caution in seeking services:

Business Owners

Executives, Clergy, Educators

Individuals that Do Not Use Insurance

Medical & Mental Health Professionals

Professional Leadership

Public Figures

Public Officials, Law Enforcement